Monday, April 25, 2016

OpenSAML V3 Javadocs

So, as those of you working with OpenSAML probably have noticed, the version 2 of the OpenSAML library is closing in on its end of life. After July 31st no more security maintenance will be done at this version. Those using is asked to move to version 3 of the library.

I have had many questions on how to use the new version and unfortunately the documentation is not yet produced. I have started to dig into it and will post what I find out.

The first thing I noticed was a structure change in the maven setup. The library have been divided into many submodules as listed below. This makes the Javadoc a bit more hard to find but below are links the the javadoc for each module.

I hope this is of help.

The combined version Java doc is availible here
Java docs

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