SAML Chrome Extension Published!

I have been working with SAML for a while now and I have always used Firefox for debugging instead of my favorite browser, Chrome. Why? you ask. Because there is a plugin called SAML tracer on firefox that is excellent for viewing the SAML messages going across the browser. There have been no such plugin for Chrome.

Finally I have decided to take things into my own hands and build one.

And now it's done and here it is! SAML DevTools extension ss

SAML Chrome DevTools extension screenshot

Feature summary

  • The extension adds a panel to the Developer Tools
  • Shows all network requests for the current window
  • SAML requests are highlighted in green for usability
  • Can filter out SAML requests
  • Show request and response details
  • Displays syntax highlighted SAML message
  • Custom syntax highlighting for SAML to allow for easier reading